Well, here I am in the world of blogging. It’s already working incredibly well as a procrastinating tool (Should I proofread that story? No! Clean off the desk? Yawn. I’ve got it! Start a blog!) so I’m pleased to say I’m already hooked. Let’s see where this takes me. Wheeee!

At the moment, I am being pestered for snacks, wondering if it is bad form to call someone I’d like to interview for the third time today, wondering what our two new (and relentlessly untrustworthy) kittens have gotten themselves into and wishing I could just get back to writing. I’m also feeling very relieved that my daughter’s flu seems to be subsiding and rather frustrated that the sun is (finally!) out but we’re still a bit cooped up from the fever episode. 

While I get things set up in here, check out The Alternative Press (www.TheAlternativePress.com), and my new article on One DeForest Avenue, the site of the old Summit Medical Group Building. The Alternative Press is a great new website with local news from the Summit, Millburn, Chatham, Westfield, Madison, and  Millburn–if you live in my area, check it out!