So much for getting off to a roaring start this week. Looks like I’ve got a sick kid (throwing up) and my babysitter is in California until Wednesday. Also I’m on week two of a new job which one way or another I’m supposed to show up for this afternoon. That’s going to be a nifty trick.

The only upside to the whole situation is that I now have a viable reason to reschedule that doctor’s appointment I’m supposed to have tomorrow for the fourth (yes, fourth!) time.

Now if I was a good little blogger I’d go find my cel phone and take some clever photo of something representative of how miserable I am at this moment but you know what? I have no idea where the stupid thing is.

So there. You’ll just have to imagine it. (Picture big hair wound into a frizzy knot, t-shirt I slept in and giant bottle of Purell and you’re more or less there.)