No time to post. Easter is coming and that means I’m in an egg of a panic. I have, however, fueled myself up with several large handfuls of jellybeans which should, at least, get my ass out of this chair once that sugar kicks in. (Oh how I love jellybeans.)

Will also mention that I have five whole daffodils blooming in the front yard. I love daffodils, mostly because you don’t have to do a single thing and pop! One day there they are. Year after year. All yellow and sunshiny and so gosh-darned sure that it’s going to be spring again. I’d go and take a picture of them if I could find my phone, which I can’t, which is par for the course but is going to get me into trouble later today.

(I already got yelled at about that stupid thing yesterday. I don’t need that again today.)

Well, that’s it. Quick post, mostly to make that miserable Monday of the last post go away.

Happy fool’s day and all…