Last week on Facebook I posted the following: “Just because it’s a bad idea doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it” and was somewhat entertained that there was a full range of reactions, from “Yes it does” to “So true.” Nevertheless, today I went through with this particular bad idea (which I did not share on FB in advance because sharing bad ideas on the internet is like sharing baby name ideas before the birth—it opens the door to way too much unwanted controversy).

So, friends, here it is:

Yes, I put a cat on a leash. I realize there are few experiences on earth that makes all involved creatures feel more absurd than the cat-on-leash thing but we have indoor cats and I’m a pushover and somehow they convinced me. “They” being my cats and my kids. The cats because they thought they could outwit me and escape (one almost did—crafty little beast, that one) and the kids because secretly they want a dog.

End result: the cats seem relieved to be back to snoozing on their shag-carpeted cat tree in the sunroom and the kids are still not getting a dog. Bad idea accomplished, no real harm done.

In other news, I’ve been writing poetry again. This is also probably a bad idea since I’m not a good poet. I’d say my poetry skills are roughly on par with my talents for archery (I can’t see straight on a good day) or, perhaps, knitting. (Yes, I can sort of knit. I’m not entirely clueless as long as I’m trying for a square with random holes. Oh, and I don’t know how to stop. What do you call that? Casting off? Yeah, I can’t do that. No one ever taught me that part.)

Ah well, you take the ideas as they come, I suppose.