Hello Friends,

I’ve been a bad blogger again. Been distracted. Sorry.

However, I’m getting back to my usual mayhem: I’m writing and I’ve actually cleaned the house (well, as much as I ever clean the house) and I seem to be up and running, more or less. Which means, of course, actual running! We all ran a 5K last weekend and Jim blew everyone away (how in the world does he do that?) but I managed not to keel over (step one in any of these events) and finished in 27: 35. The girls each ran their first 1 miler.

Inspired by last weekend’s success, this morning I rode my bike because it’s about time to stop tinkering with the thing and actually log some miles. So against all reason I got up at 5:45 (yes, you read that right. 5:45AM. It sounds painful, and it was) and rode 27 miles.

See? Really! It doesn’t say that I got up at 5:45 on there, which is probably more impressive, but look:

First long ride of the year, done. (Needless to say I can no longer walk.)

What’s also a relief is that I think I’ve finally gotten over being a chicken about the whole speed thing.

31 mph! That’s fast, and I didn’t even freak out. Go me.

This is all good because supposedly I’m doing three triathlons later this year, two sprints and one half-iron as a relay with Jim and Joe, so it’s time to get this show on the road if I don’t want to be overly worried about that keeling over thing.

As for the other news:

1. The amount of books I want to read this summer has grown to an absolutely stupid number.

2. I’m reasonably certain one of the cats has asthma.

3. I think my teeth are falling out. (No, this is not a metaphor for something else.)

4. My computer is acting wonky again. It does not understand that it is not allowed to do this to me.

5. Just so you’re aware, everyone I know will be required to buy copies of Gargoyle and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Runners this summer so you can fawn over me and tell me that I’m really not such a bad writer after all and support these very worthwhile publications. Not to worry, I’ll remind you.