Joe is leaving.

It is late.

Jim and Joe are whispering in the kitchen about a triathlon as if I can’t hear them. (Hello! I’m still here! In the living room!) It’s okay. I don’t want to hear about triathlons. I just ate an enormous bowl of popcorn with an unseemly amount of butter. It was delicious, but is not adding minutes to my life.

I should have taken a photo of the popcorn bowl. Oh well. All you would have seen is a greasy bowl with a few unpopped kernels congealing in the leftover butter. (And yes, when I say an “unseemly” amount of butter I mean truly disgusting. Kind, sweet Jim made the popcorn and brought me the bowl. I thanked him and kissed him and sent him back to put more butter on it. Yes, I’m that kind of wife. Okay, so I’m not really that kind of wife, but I am that serious about butter.)

Other things:

1. I have stretched into 2011 with the acceptance of “The Tea Party” in apt, to be published in January of next year. This is a good thing.

2. I have been assured by various professionals that my teeth are not falling out, at least for the moment. This is also a good thing (although I do not believe them).

3. I still have a couple of weeks before the kids are out of school and I assume my summertime post of mommy-in-skirted-bathing suit at the town pool. This is a very good thing.

4. Finally, I have a triathlon (don’t you dare say that word out loud!) on the 27th. Of this month. This is really not a good thing, so let’s just agree not talk to about it, okay? If I’m not around in July, you’ll know what happened to me.