It’s Wednesday, June 30, and summer has begun. I’d say “finally begun” except I wasn’t exactly waiting for it.

School has ended, my triathlon and our first excursion has come to an end, and we’re back at home. (Nice race. Photo above is sunrise over the swim start. Two hours later, despite the sign, over 1400 of us waded into the water here to begin the race. I had a 2:15 finish, which is not fabulous but not bad. On to Iron Girl, on 8/22.) Now it’s 9:16am and I’ve just had the following conversation with my youngest daughter:

Daughter (whining): I just told E to tackle me perfectly and she tackled me super duper perfectly and my tooth hit my knee and it hurts.


Daughter: And E has a blanket and I don’t.

Me: I just threw a bunch down to put in the laundry. Take one of those.

Daughter: Oh, okay! (Leaves.)

And so it begins.

If you haven’t checked out Gargoyle, now is the time! You know you want one…