Moms take a lot of crap. We do. Of course we’re wrong about everything because we’re mothers, after all, but Erica Jong’s article in the Wall Street Journal sort of brought it all home. Give it a read, but remember, Ms. Jong is a late 70’s mom. She’s closer to being my mom than a peer.  And, if somehow you’ve missed out on the Mommy Wars of recent years, give the comments a look. We’re there in all our glory (and boy oh boy are some of us annoyed) but at the same time I think both the article and the comments make interesting points about the intersection of feminism and motherhood. Jong even comes right out and asks the big question: “Is it even possible to satisfy the needs of both parents and children?” She doesn’t have an answer to that one, though. Nobody does.

And the Mommy Wars rage on.

(oh and read the attached article by her daughter. I love the “sent me to many private schools and a whole menagerie of therapists, bought me a pony” comment. Been there, done that.)