Birthday season is over and we’ve humanely euthanized the last of the mylar balloons still drifting around the house. (Not while the kids were around, of course. We wouldn’t want to scar them with that kind of harsh reality.) I do have a fair amount of guilt that I blogged one kid’s birthday and not the other, but the guilt gives me a reason to wallow in a bottle of wine which is always fun so I’m going to let it go for now. There’s always next year.

As for other things, 2011 is moving on more or less as expected. The kids have officially notified me that the twentieth century is the age of the dinosaurs and by the way how old to I have to be to get a cel phone? (Answer: you can carry mine around if you can find it. Not that it will have a charge. Does it have to be a cel phone that’s charged?) One of my kids recently asked me if I was born in 1937. (No, but sometimes it feels that way.) Basically if the year of your birth starts with 19–, you are of no use to anyone, unless you’re supplying food (or a cel phone), in which case you’re tolerable.

Anyway, we’re moving forward with 2011. So far so good. N got her ears pierced, then unpierced, then pierced again. (Uneven holes.) E has started piano lessons and I’m hoping she’ll teach me to play something other than “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” I’m nervous about starting new classes again and still can’t shake the feeling that I’m too old to be in school, but I’m doing it anyway. I think that’s my mantra this year: Do It Anyway. Stop thinking, just do.

I’ll let you know if it works.