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Just read this article in the Washington Post and I have to say that I love the word “lactivists.” And yes, I think nurse-ins are great. As a mom who used to nurse everywhere my sense is that typically no one notices. Anything. Ever. The fact that someone noticed this mom breastfeeding twice in one day is the most stunning thing about the whole article to me. I have nursed in museums, restaurants, stores, subways, trains, planes, public parks… everywhere. And yes, I’m an invisible person (cue my personal insecurities), but mostly no one ever took a second look. Several times I had older ladies come up and want to see the baby while I was nursing and I would have to say, “Um, she’s busy at the moment,” because even up close no one could see much of anything.

So go! See some art and some cute kids. And if you want to see breasts, take a look at the paintings. Lots of boob action there.