Well, I’ve clearly been in a time warp of some sort as last time I looked it was still February and holy crap tomorrow is April. I know this for sure becuase I’ve already begun my annual survey of jellybean flavors with Starburst sour apple winning by a longshot. Also, there are curious spots of green out there by the fence. I’m fairly sure they are very cranky daffodil shoots that are having some sort of botanical tantrum because they keep getting snowed on.

In any case I’ve been remiss but now I’m back (at least temporarily) with things to share.

First, go see “Don’t Say Sorry” over at Babble.com, where my kids are cartwheeling in the living room again.

Then, visit “Inheritance” over at PANK. I love this piece. Odd personality quirks, a big dog and a small injury all wrapped up in a short story.

To round things out (and because it’s spring! sort of, anyway) if you missed “Dirty” at Anderbo.com, go visit it. It gets lonely and likes to have friends.

Happy spring, everyone!