Today is my birthday and I’m just getting home from a rather long stretch of driving (700+ miles in less than two days across four states bookended by Hershey Park and, sadly, a funeral in Connecticut) and I’m freaking tired. However, I’ve just had a lovely lunch, changed back into pjs right here in the middle of the afternoon, and I’m going to spend the rest of the day reading and writing. The kids are with Nana and Pop Pop this week and aside from a few hours lifeguarding at the pool, I find myself with unprecedented oodles of time to… well, do stuff. To write, say, for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Or possibly get ahead on this gigantic load of reading I’ve got for the fall. One thing is for certain, however: I do not plan to get back in that car again for quite some time.

So if you’re looking for me, I’ll be riding around town on the Suburban Aloha, which my husband fixed up for my birthday. (Hooray!) Now its got a great big seat and when nobody is looking I just might put it on my tri-bike, which despite its speed and whatnot, is not much like sitting on the couch, which is really a crying shame. (Triathlon on 9/11.)

Today is my birthday, however, so no exercise will occur because I’m freaking tired and I’m wearing my pjs already. Think I’ll go put some flower stickers on the Suburban Aloha instead.