The new school year has begun with rain, rain and more rain. The kids are fine–they seemed to manage the their first day at school rather admirably–I’m the one who is a wreck and can’t seem to figure out what day it is and what needs to happen when. As usual, I find myself in a state of perpetual panic over the house of cards that is the arragement of babysitting, after school programs, athletic activities and the kindness of friends that it takes for me to attend school. Also, as it seems to be a requirement that a parent must fill in fifteen phone numbers on at least thirty forms and submit them by yesterday in order for you to be a “good” mom, I’ve missed the mark again. Yeah, the bulk of that stack o’ paperwork is still on the kitchen table. Today. I’ll finish it today. I swear.

In writing news, I accomplished far less than I had hoped to this summer, but when I adjust that expectation to reality, I probably didn’t come out too far behind. Every summer is like this. I don’t know why I continue to expect to tackle large writing projects while the kids are home and our schedules are in constant flux. Isn’t that the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Yup. That sounds familiar.

Nevertheless, I do have some writing related news to share: I have a couple of poems coming out in an anthology of east coast women poets from Patasola Press in October, a short story in the September Eclectic Flash, and a short story in Necessary Fiction coming out in the next few weeks. I also won an honorable mention for a (very, very long) short story in Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open. I’ll add links to the published works when I have them and, if the stars properly align, drum up someone who loves my long story enough to give it the space it needs. Hopefully someone will because it is quite loveable, really.

Aside from that, I’m hunkering down for a very busy semester. It’s a heavier load than I might ideally have wanted–a reality that puts some other projects on hold–but I think in the end I’ll be glad that I’ve done it this way.

In any case, I’m moving forward and it feels good. This weekend I’m going to have to move slightly faster in order to keep up with the triathlon I’m in (why, oh why do I do these things?) but after that its nothing but reading and writing, kids and schoolwork all the time. Oh and my swimming classes. Those start up next week, too. Keep kicking, kids! Just keep kicking and everything will be fine.