You might have noticed that in order to procrasinate I have decided to give my blog a little facelift. A new image, so to speak. However, as the universe has decided it is entertaining to mess with me, WordPress is currently refusing to allow me to upload photos right side up for my new header. They prefer this castle–or should I say chateau–sort of thing they have as the default photo. They will grudgingly accept my photos instead, but only under the condition that they be upside down. Cavalierly thinking I could outwit a measly computer program, I uploaded an upside down photo. Ha! Got you! Nope. Still upside down. I went into my media library and rotated a whole series of lovely photos all around–updside down, rightside up, sideways–but still, my photos all come out upside down while the castle, my apparent photographic fate tonight, remains upright.

Then I started thinking that what I need to do is find a photo that I like better upside down and use that. A reflection of sorts. Or something fortunately upside down, like a horseshoe over a door. This idea had possibilities, but as I began to embark on the search for the perfect upside down photo I realized that it’s creeping up on 11:00pm and all I’ve had for dinner is a handful of Tic Tacs which is probably not good for a person so maybe I should just let this go for a while. My body has been kind to me lately, (placed 155/1600 overall, 49/315 in age group in the triathlon this weekend. Pretty respectable, given my rather hefty Dorito and red wine quotient of late), so for now I’m going to stop tinkering with this thing and leave you imagining me running down this oh so respectable looking hallway screaming in frustration (which is what I feel like doing right now) while I go get some actual food.