There are many things I love about the holidays. It’s rainy today and I unexpectedly have an evening off from class, so I thought I’d embrace the cozy atmosphere and get back to work on that paper I have due tomorrow. Some nice music would be helpful, so I put George Winston’s “December” on (somehow that just says Christmas to me), made myself a nice cup of peppermint tea, salvaged a cookie from the batch I just baked, and settled down on the couch with my books. It’s lovely, really, if you can ignore the two children screaming Katy Perry songs into the karaoke machine downstairs and the other two children playing volleyball with a Barbie doll head upstairs. (Yes, I honestly think that’s what they are doing. Could I make that up?) This level of peacefulness will last another six seconds until they come crashing back up/down the stairs to inform me that they are still hungry and want more food, they hijack my iPod and replace it with their own at twice the volume and I remember that I hate peppermint tea.

Aaah, the holidays.