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5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Deanna Bloom said:

    Hey Chris,

    I saw this when you commented on Steven’s status. Loved what I read on this blog. Love the way you write.

    Deanna (Steve’s Mom)

  2. Deanna Bloom said:


    LOVE the picture of the books Christmas tree!!! As you can tell by now, if I took your class you would see a lot of exclamation points (always in 3’s) – wonder what Freud would say about that – definitely something anal. Took a lot of pysch – have masters in counseling – still go with the Gestalt school of thinking.

    Well, enough about you – have a great holiday & 2011.

    Deanna (Steve’s Mom) (Still do not think you know who I am) :))) (3’s again)

  3. Christina Kapp said:

    Hi Deanna,
    Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the blog!!! There is a lot to be said for exclamation points. They’re pretty. Like little icicles on the edge of a sentence. And of course I know who you are. Hope to see you soon!!!


  4. Upon procrastinating, uh, exploring, I have discovered your wonderful blog and wanted to say congrats, very cool, and I am so impressed! Sounds like you and the family are fabulous. I love snow too! Take care…
    Love always,

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