I’ve been such a crappy blogger that I think I’m going to dispense with actual titles and just name my posts after the seasons, weather being nature’s great wake up call that says, it’s-been-way-too-long-since-you’ve-(fill in the blank). (What people in California do, I have no idea. If I couldn’t say, “I haven’t done that since the last time it snowed…” I don’t know how I’d ever figure out how to stop procrastinating and get on with it.)

Anyway, summer. Summer is fun because stupid flying bugs get into the house and the cats leap through the air trying to catch them, which is very funny to watch. Other than that I am not a huge fan of summer. It’s hot. I make big plans to accomplish all sorts of things that won’t happen. The kids are out of school and cannot formulate a thought that is not prefaced by “MOMMY!” They do love summer, though. That part is nice. Summer means pool, ice cream, watermelon and everything optional. They do make it sound lovely, don’t they?

This summer my husband and I kicked off summer for the second year in a row by doing a triathlon. This was not a particularly good idea. I had a really busy winter during which my gym was closed for construction, it snowed a lot, and my ass spent a lot of time sitting in chairs eating cheddar Sun Chips and Doritos while reading/researching/writing for school and turning my keyboard orange. Such activities do not an athlete make. These activities breed smart-alecky fat-asses, which isn’t as helpful as it might seem while pedaling a bicycle uphill while still dripping wet from swimming thorugh a goose-populated lake. Nevertheless, we did it anyway and live to tell. That’s something, I suppose.

Now that it’s July it’s hot and I’m just lazy. Even the cats have stopped chasing the bugs. Instead they do this:

Anyway, summer is passing and while I am doing things and writing things, I’m not doing or writing nearly as many things as I would have liked. I’m going to blame my lack of productivity on this song, which appeared in our household in June and has been running through my head on a continuous loop ever since:

Thanks for that one, universe.